Wednesday, May 29, 2013

Life is Short.


  Thank ALLAH I’m alive. And on holiday!! Two weeks guys, two weeks. I’ll talk about decision. I mean HARD DECISION in life such as changing school. If you were given choice. Would you consider changing to a high school? Like me, I used to school at an ordinary school until I got an offer to a boarding school which I need to switch from a religious pure science stream student to a technical science stream student. I’ve told you before in older post.

  Like I said, it was a turning point in my life whose trying to become a mature teen. I NEED to make the decision. I got an offer, then my dad asks me if I accept it or not. I took about two weeks to give an answer.  Just imagine, all this while, your parents, who are making decision in your life since we’re still under their surveillance. When you’re sixteen, you’re being asked that kind of question in life. What is running in your head fellas?

  Finally I decided to accept the offer and change school. It’s been 3 months now. I manage to live my life in new situation and environment. You know what? Now, I’m sixteen. Then I’ll be sitting my SPM. Then got the result and further my studies. Then what? MARRIAGE? Oh My ALLAH! I’m shaking when the word crossed my mind. Yes, I admit it when every time we can’t answer the exam questions, we do think to quit schooling and get married.’Ahh, add math tadi susah, nak kawen terus la lepas ni!’ Common line that you can hear among your friends.  Same goes to you who read this right?

*Are you ready for this girl?*

  But to think again, am I well-prepared to become a wife? Makes me nervous just by thinking of that! What if one day, a guy come and asks you to get married. What would you say? Are you going to accept it or reject it?  How you are going to convince yourself that THAT is the best decision you can make at that time? Do you ever think of that? I’m scared of life after school. Lot of things await us outside. The world full of deceit. I want to highlight here, ARE YOU READY FOR LIFE AFTER SCHOOL PEER?

*School-leavers, do you miss this moment?*

  I wrote about things that crossed my mind out of the blue uninvited. Do you realize that life is short?
Thursday, May 23, 2013

Indie Books.


 Dan Salam Sejahtera juga. Aku telah diperkenalkan dengan dunia Indie book ni sejak aku masuk sekolah baru. Buku-buku ni ada yang terbitan Lejen Press dan juga FIXI. Mula- mula tengok buku cenggini rasa weirdo la jugak, kenapa tak penah tengok pun buku ni. Best sangat ke sampai semua orang dok beratur nak baca. Then aku start discover this kind of book.

  Apa yang interesting, buku ni paperback! Susah gak arr nak cari buku melayu yang paperback kat Malaysia ni. Paperback ni bukan apa, dia ringan sikit. Ce tengok ni, tebal kot! Dah la bukan paperback.

#Melur Jelita suka buat novel tebal# Berat gila, melihatkan ketebalan dia pun aku dah malas nak baca.

 Kalau guna paperback takde la berat sangat. Antara buku indie yang aku dah baca is KELABU. Reason aku terdetik nak baca is, cover dia lawa kot! Buku ni aku baca orang punya.

 This book has failing me to predict the ending of the story. Even the plot, climax, everything! There are the reasons why this novel named Kelabu. Seriously.

 The way of writing in this novel is also good, especially the dialog.  Arrangement of the words is very simple, so that people can easily understand the storyline. She isn’t really into metaphore, the words used is the actual speech we used in our daily life.

 Guess what, I've been tricked!! The one thing that I love when reading is that I can create my own image of how the character is. But in Kelabu, once I've drawn the image in my mind, I found out that it is exactly the OPPOSITE of what I thought. I'm surprised!!

 Nak taw surprise sebab apa, kena la baca.

#2 Awek Chuck Taylor

 Buku ni aku beli last week, 18052013 time outing. The reason aku beli is cover dia attract me a lot. Dah la nampak macam novel English. Bahasa memang langsung tak skema wa cakap sama lu! Jalan cerita yang damn impressive. Nak taw kena baca. Takde meh pinjam kat aku. Kisah cinta tiga penjuru a bit lari dari kebiasaan. Dan heroin dia sangat superb++

 Atas sebab musabab yang aku tak pasti, buku ni dah ditukar cover-nya. DULU laen, sekarang dah pakai cover yang atas tu. At first, aku wonder Chuck Taylor tu apa, then aku tanya classmate, dorang tibai tipu aku cakap Chuck Taylor tu seluar fitted-jeans yang ada sorang member aku selalu pakai. Mati-mati jugak ahh aku pecaya time tu. Bila semakin aku go trough the book baru la aku tau Chuck Taylor tu salah satu kasut Converse. Apa punya classmate la dok tipu aku.

 One thing yang aku tak suka about this book is, banyak sangat mencarut! Biasa la indie book, tak terikat dengan any publishing rule. Main maki FUCK SHIT BITCH HELL tu normal. Lebih lanjut, sila baca.

 As the time elapse, I hope to collect more indie books as I can. I hope everyone will start reading too. Not only the book I have reviewed here. Just any books. Till I see you guys again, bye!

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