Tuesday, August 13, 2013

Debut: F_Ish (Four Islah)


  As I moved to a new school, I gain new class mates. We called ourselves F_Ish, stands for Four and Five ISlaHan. Islah consist of 13 boys and 8 girls making it the least class members in the school. They are the reason I stay when the thought of moving back to my old school crossed my mind. They are witty, zany and garrulous most time!

Islahan say Hi to the world! *Tiada dalam gambar: Bek dan Mat Lat

  F_Ish organization chart is lead by Cikgu Azwani, our class teacher together with our Engineering Drawing (ED) and Engineering Technology (ET) teacher. 

On Cikgu's birthday party.

  Our sporting yet responsible class monitor, Firdaus Lotfi or we call him Pdude.

I ask this picture from Pdude.

His Assistant, Bek (Amira Syazwani)

The only Bek's photo I have.

This is our Head Treasurer, The Jovial Alim Iqbal

 Alim is working on ED.

Assistant Treasurer, Nina (Amanina)


See you on next entry! Assalamualaikum, have a nice day!